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Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis in Connecticut

The senseless and continuous deaths of and violence against people of color at the hands of police and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on people of color in Connecticut have la

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id bare the historic and ever-present impact racism has and is having in our society. It’s time we recognize racism as the public health crisis it is. Health Equity Solutions (HES) calls on our leaders in the cities and towns throughout Connecticut to declare racism a public health crisis/emergency. 

Declaring racism to be a public health crisis or emergency offers a clear path to intentionally acknowledging and addressing disparities and inequities. Adopting an ordinance can catalyze and authorize data analysis, policy analysis to prevent unintentional injustices, and implementation of policies and actions to dismantle and course-correct problematic systems. 

How is racism a public health emergency?  

As a result of the trauma inflicted by racism and the purposeful disinvestment in their social and economic well-being, people of color live with disproportionately higher cortisol levels, higher rates of chronic stress, higher rates chronic disease, lower infant birth rates, higher rates of COVID-19 infection and death, and pay the ultimate price with their lives.

Interested in getting this started in your city or town? Contact Karen Siegel at for more details. We are providing CT residents and leaders with support and the tools like template emails, talking points, guidance on reaching out to their elected officials, and next steps for towns and cities once the declaration has been made.

HES Templates:

  • Sample resolution language. Click here.
  • Email your Town Council/Selectmen/Alders to request they add a resolution to the next meeting’s agenda. Click here.
  • Email your Town Council/Selectmen/Alders to request they vote in favor of your town/city declaring racism a public health crisis by passing the resolution. Click here.
  • Does your town have the resolution on their agenda? Click here for talking points.


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