Health Equity Solutions advocates for change through legislation, regulatory actions, and ensuring that decision-makers are aware of key health equity priorities in CT.


2021 Legislative Session

2021 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

Public Act 21-35 Details S.B. 1, An Act Equalizing Comprehensive Access to Mental, Behavioral and Physical Health Care in Response to the Pandemic.

Health Equity Solutions 2021 Policy Agenda

  1. Testimony Supporting H.B. No. 6442: An Act Concerning Equitable Access to Broadband
  2. Testimony Supporting H.B. No. 6550: An Act Concerning the Office of Health Strategy's Recommendations Regarding Various Revisions to Community Benefits Programs Administered by Hospitals
  3. Testimony Regarding H.B. 6439 An Act Concerning the State Budget for the Biennium Ending June Thirtieth 2023 and Making Appropriations Therefor: Human Services
  4. Testimony Regarding S.B. 956: An Act Providing Medical Assistance to Certain Individuals Regardless of Immigration Status.
  5. Testimony Supporting S.B. 1004, An Act Concerning Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage for Children, Stepchildren and Other Dependent Children
  6. Testimony Regarding H.B. 6555 An Act Concerning Legislative Oversight and Approval of COVID-19 Relief Funds
  7. Testimony Regarding H.B. 6446 An Act Concerning the Governor’s Budget Recommendations for Human Services
  8. Testimony Supporting H.B. No. 6424 An Act Revising Data Collection Requirements for Health Care Providers Connecting to the State-Wide Health Information Exchange
  9. Testimony Regarding S.B. 842: An Act Concerning Health Insurance and Health Care in CT
  10. Testimony Supporting S.B. No. 910, An Act Expanding Medicaid Coverage for Post-Partum Care to Twelve Months After a Medicaid Beneficiary Gives Birth to a Child and Testimony Supporting H.B. No. 6472, An Act Concerning Telehealth
  11. Testimony Regarding H.B. 5596, An Act Concerning Telehealth
  12. Testimony Regarding S.B. 1022, An Act Concerning Telehealth
  13. Testimony Supporting S.B. No. 1: An Act Equalizing Comprehensive Access to Mental, Behavioral and Physical Health Care in Response to the Pandemic
  14. Testimony Supporting H.B. No. 6662: An Act Declaring Racism as a Public Health Crisis and Establishing the Commission on Racial Equity in Public Health
  15. Testimony in Support of S.B. 1090 An Act Establishing a Commission to Study a HUSKY for All Single Payer, Universal Health Care Program
  16. Testimony in Support of S.B. 1056 An Act Expanding Access to Medical Assistance
  17. Testimony Regarding Substance Use Disorder Treatment Demonstration Waiver Proposal Pursuant to Section 1115 of the Social Security Act

Health Equity Solutions Listening Sessions Recap for the 2021 Legislative Session

Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis

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