Advancing Health Equity Through Community Engagement

Author: Tekisha Dwan Everette, Dashni Sathasivam, and Karen Siegel

Community engagement is a key part of health equity. State Health and Value Strategies recently published some of our work on this issue. Please check out these two new issue briefs: 

  • Transformational Community Engagement to Advance Health Equity provides an overview of the range of community engagement options and highlights how, by fostering trust and mutual respect and responding to the experiences of the people impacted by programs and policies, community engagement can promote equity. The issue brief also contains a list of strategies and tactics, which offers options for states to consider when working to advance towards transformational community engagement and achieve their community engagement goals.
  • State Examples of Medicaid Community Engagement Strategies: Two Case Studies highlights work in Virginia and Colorado. Each state has invested in coordinated community engagement strategies that amplify the voices of those directly impacted by Medicaid and leverage their input to drive improvements. This pioneering work offers practical examples of how to structure community engagement to foster participation and improve program outcomes.

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