Trainings in the Community

HES has developed and delivered 5 workshops centered around the necessity of incorporating health equity into everyday practices and policies. The workshops include:

•Health Equity – The Basics

•Social Determinants of Health

•Advocacy 101 & 102

•Asset Based Community Development

•Storytelling for Advocacy

All workshops can be modified to address the needs of the organization, community, or group of individuals requesting our training. 

Health Equity Solutions Training Descriptions

Health Equity – The Basics

Participants will walk away from this training with a greater understanding of factors that can impact one’s overall health and well-being. This training will provide participants with the tools to better understand what health equity is, how it reflects in Connecticut, and how they can support the movement towards a better system of health for all.

Social Determinants of Health

This training was developed to give providers and people that work within the health system a better understanding of the factors that can influence someone’s (a client or patient or even a family member) health and their attitudes and behaviors towards health and healthcare access. The goal of this training is to push providers/case managers/and community members to think about the systems that exist in society, to recognize that each system (education, employment, food) impacts the other system, and to understand how systems can impact individual behaviors.  

Advocacy 101 & 102

This is an introductory training, but can be tailored to benefit those that are more engaged in the advocacy process. This training gives a basic overview of what advocacy is, how an individual can participate in the legislative process, and the importance of participating in the legislative process. A brief demonstration of how to use the CT General Assembly website is also provided. HES also offers an Advocacy 102 training, detailing the difference between lobbying and advocacy. 

Asset Based Community Development

The goal of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) training is to push mobilized groups of people to look within their own community for answers.

Story-Telling for Advocacy

Do you want policymakers to listen and pay attention to issues that are important to you? Do you want to tell your story in a way that engages and persuades them to make decisions that support health equity? This workshop is for you!!

To learn more and schedule your Health Equity workshop, please call or email with any questions!



In addition to our public workshops, Health Equity Solutions offers a variety of trainings, including Storytelling for Advocacy, Health Equity from Where You Sit, Social Determinants of Health, and Asset-Based Community Development -- all of which are customizable to meet the needs of the population we’re serving. Please complete a brief intake form at if you’re interested in having HES present to your group (e.g. colleagues, community members).

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